Intelligent Policy-based Provisioning

The ViewDS policy-based provisioning (PBP) solution enables you to take identity data from one or more IT systems and use it to provision users or synchronize information in a new or existing system - on-premises or in the cloud - intelligently through the use of policies.

Based on proven technology

Our PBP solution is based on ViewDS Directory Server, an X.500 and LDAP compatible directory used by government, telecommunications and military customers throughout the Asia Pacific region. So, you can be confident that it is robust, scalable, secure and well supported.

PBP - User filtering

Standards-based for easy integration

ViewDS supports open standards wherever possible, making it quick to deploy and easy to integrate our PBP solution with your existing systems.

Secure and simple

PBP policies are written using a graphical policy manager and stored in a single, secure loaction, so they can be created and managed safely by non-IT staff.

Fewer compliance headaches

Automated, policy-driven provisioning and data synchronization help to ensure you meet your regulatory compliance and audit requirements more easily.

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