Cloud Identity Management Solutions - Why Cobalt?

Identity management in the cloud poses different challenges to on-premises identity management. The accessibility and security requirements for identity data in the cloud are different, as is the ability of your identity and access management (IAM) system to scale and adapt to your changing cloud IAM needs.

Cobalt is our solution to these cloud identity management problems. It comprises a set of easy-to-deploy identity components that run with your application, providing you with your own set of identity management services - identity store, secure authentication and authorization, integrated change notification, and so on - in the cloud. This unique packaged approach to cloud identity is designed to meet the particular needs of developers building cloud applications for enterprise clients. We believe that this approach offers some significant advantages.

Identity and Access Management - Cobalt vs DIY and Identity as a Service Solutions

As an app developer, it might be tempting to simply build an IAM system for your application. However, there are many variables that can hinder the long-term success of a do-it-yourself (DIY) identity management system. One of the advantages of the Cobalt cloud identity management solution is that out of the box it provides you with a standards-based, customizable IAM system that you initiate and control. There is simply no need to start from scratch. And Cobalt easily adapts to your changing identity needs, with multi-tenant support, full schema flexibility and the ability to handle both hierarchical and graph-based relationship models. So, as your application matures, the identity management provided by Cobalt can as well.

Public Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers might also seem like an attractive option. However, placing your identity data in the hands of a third party does not appeal to everyone. Cobalt enables you to avoid this. Our unique packaged components model leaves you in complete control of your identity data and means you avoid being locked-in to a particular IDaaS vendor.

Cobalt Features

Cloud Directory - Based on industry leading ViewDS directory technology, the Cobalt cloud directory provides secure storage for your identity and attribute data. It offers state of the art directory search features, enhanced data security through integrated access controls and a fully configurable data synchronization engine.

Cloud Security - Cobalt provides numerous security features to keep your identity data safe in the cloud such as authentication - including authentication from mobile devices - and SSO using OpenID Connect, multi-factor authentication, password encryption and policy-based access controls to protect your applications and any APIs you expose. Cobalt also integrates with Splunk to provide comprehensive auditing for monitoring and compliance.

Cloud Integration - Cobalt facilitates integration between applications. It allows subscriber applications to keep track of changes within the cloud directory and it provides workflow capabilities, so that changes in the cloud directory can be used to drive changes in other systems.

With Cobalt, cloud developers can quickly set up and easily manage identity services for applications in the cloud. And Cobalt is a long-term solution, providing flexible and scalable identity management for the lifespan of your applications.

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