Cobalt Identity Platform

Cobalt is an easy-to-deploy modern identity platform that you can quickly set up to provide secure identity services in both cloud and on-premises environments. 
Cobalt features include:

  • CobaltComposite300dpiIdentity provisioning - Cobalt includes a synchronization engine which provides a quick and easy way for your customers to migrate and synchronize on-premises identities to your online service.
  • Cloud directory - Cobalt provides a robust and secure cloud identity store for your application. Integrated policy-based access controls provide complete control over who can access the identity data. And an OData RESTFul API provides easy access for your application.
  • Multi-tenancy - Cobalt is designed for multi-tenancy. Setting up new tenants and securely segregating tenant data is quick and easy. Tenant hierarchies can be created. And you can configure features on a tenant-by-tenant basis.
  • Authentication - Cobalt supports local username and password authentication, as well as single sign-on to multiple applications using OpenID Connect. It also supports multi-factor authentication and social login. In addition Cobalt can operate in a federated environment, consuming authentication tokens from other cloud or on-premises identity management systems that support SAML or identities from your customers on-premises Active Directory. And it can allow third party applications to use your service as a federated identity provider.
  • Application access control - Cobalt allows you to externalize application authorization decisions. Access control policies, decisions and the decision making logic that underpin them are all handled by our XACML v3.0 policy-based authorization server, reducing the footprint and complexity of your application.
  • Scale out, performance, efficiency and geo-redundancy - Cobalt provides robust replication mechanisms to support high availability and geo-redundancy, whilst the load balancing front end ensures optimal performance and efficiency. And you control where your identity data is located, to bring it closer to your services for increased performance, or to meet the data sovereignty requirements of your customers.
  • Change notification and workflow - Cobalt allows subscriber applications to keep track of changes in the cloud directory via AMQP- or HTTP-based services. It also provides workflow capabilities, meaning that changes in the cloud directory can be used to drive changes in other systems.
  • Audit - Cobalt integrates with Splunk to provide comprehensive auditing for all your analytics and compliance requirements.

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