Cobalt for Cloud Security

Cloud security is an ever-present concern for businesses looking into cloud-based solutions. While the cloud offers well known advantages - including easier access and reduced costs - there is still a general apprehension about cloud security that must be addressed by cloud service providers. Cobalt empowers CSPs with an out of the box solution that is feature rich and secure.

Cloud Security Features

Cobalt is a set of easy-to-deploy identity components that run alongside your cloud applications, putting you in control of your cloud IAM. Identity data is kept safe and access is controlled. With an extensive background in security solutions, ViewDS has developed the Cobalt cloud identity solution with numerous cloud security features, including:

  • Packaged software components providing you with ownership and control of your identity data
  • OpenID Connect and SAML mediated authentication options including multi-factor authentication, SSO and social login
  • Integrated role and access-based access control for directory data
  • Externalized application and API access control using our XACML v3.0 policy-based authorization server
  • Splunk integration providing audit tools for both analytics and compliance

ViewDS specializes in developing ingenious identity and access management solutions that enhance your existing product offerings. With a reputation for security and dependability, ViewDS has attained obvious, sustainable results in both local and federal government, defense, aviation and healthcare environments. Cobalt is our cloud identity solution, developed to provide flexible, scalable and secure identity management for your cloud applications.

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