Cobalt Directory

Established. Secure. Accessible. Cobalt is all of these things and much more, allowing cloud application developers to quickly setup and securely manage their own identity services in the cloud. Cobalt is a set of easy-to-deploy identity components that includes the Cobalt Cloud Directory for secure identity storage.

Benefits of the Cobalt Cloud Directory:

  • Established directory technology with an excellent reputation in highly secure environments
  • Built-in synchronization engine makes it easy to get identities into the cloud directory
  • Identity data is secure but accessible via our OData-based API

Developed by the experienced team at ViewDS, the Cobalt Cloud Directory is based on the same directory technology as ViewDS Directory Server, which is used in many highly secure environments - including government, military, healthcare and aviation industries - around the world.

Cobalt makes getting identities into the cloud directory simple. Our synchronization engine component provides a quick and easy way to migrate and synchronize identities from more or less any source – including on-premises Active Directory – into the cloud. Cobalt provides secure access to your cloud applications while allowing you to easily manage data and users from the start.

Moving applications to the cloud makes them more accessible, but that doesn't mean they have to be vulnerable. Cloud security shouldn't hinder accessibility, it should facilitate secure access.

With the Cobalt Cloud Directory, our integrated XACML-based access controls mean you are in charge of who can access your identity data once it is in the directory. Privileged users can find exactly what they are looking for in no time thanks to our state of the art directory search technology. And with our OData RESTful API providing secure access for your applications and passwords hashed on disk as an extra precaution, secure accessibility is central to Cobalt’s design.

Learn more about the Cobalt Cloud Directory and what makes our identity and access management solution the right fit for your application and security needs.

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