IAM Products from ViewDS

Cobalt Cloud Identity - a set of easy-to-deploy identity components for cloud applications. These components – including an identity store, secure authentication and authorization, integrated change notification, and workflow - enable you to rapidly deploy and securely manage your own identity solution in the cloud.

ViewDS Directory Server – an XML-enabled directory server with unrivalled search capabilities across identity information for millions of users. This proven, standards-based directory is used extensively by government, military, aviation and health organizations throughout the world.

Access Sentinel – an XACML 3.0 authorization management server, built on ViewDS, that allows third-party applications to externalize authorization decisions. A secure and responsive policy-based solution, Access Sentinel makes authorization management easy.

Identity Bridge – a data synchronization and provisioning tool for managing and executing synchronization tasks. This platform independent and highly flexible system provides a framework for secure and traceable data transactions.

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