ViewDS 7.4 now available

The release of ViewDS 7.4 provides you with an improved IAM solution that caters to more of your identity management and authorization needs.

ViewDS 7.4 is easier to use, more secure, more easily integrated by third party applications and performs better.

To learn more about how ViewDS 7.4 can help address your identity management needs, contact us.

Easy to use

  • A new Windows installer allows you get up and running in no time.

High performance

  • The server is now multi-threaded, offering immediate performance benefits.
  • Access Sentinel Authorization Server is now a fully integrated XACML PAP, PDP and PIP. Notably, Access Sentinel can now retrieve resource attributes locally.

Secure IAM Solutions

  • Increased password encryption strength.
  • XML digital signature support for XACML authorization services.
  • Strong authentication for XACML authorization services.

Identity management integration

  • Support for the JSON and REST profiles of XACML.
  • Multiple request support in XACML.
  • XML Content supported in the XACML AIKs.

Find out more about what's new within ViewDS 7.4 by taking a look at the online Release Notes.