Cobalt 1.0 Available Now

ViewDS is delighted to announce the initial release of Cobalt, our new cloud IAM solution. Cobalt is an easy-to-deploy cloud software package that enables you to set up and run your own identity services in the cloud. Cobalt 1.0, which is available now, includes the following identity and access management features:

Cobalt logo

Cloud directory - a robust and secure cloud identity store with integrated policy-based access controls to provide complete control over who can access the identity data.
Identity data management - an OData RESTFul API that provides easy access to and management of identity data in the cloud directory.
Authentication - an OAuth2 service providing local username and password authentication, strong PKI-based authentication, single sign-on using OpenID Connect, and social login via Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Application access control - an XACML 3.0-based external application authorization service that abstracts access control policies, decisions and the decision making logic that underpin them away from your applications, reducing their footprints and complexity.

Find out more about why Cobalt is the cloud identity management solution you've been looking for, or contact us to arrange a demonstration.