ViewDS Identity Solutions Executive Management

Executive Chairman
David Rolls has been Executive Chairman of ViewDS Identity Solutions since its spin-off from EB2BCOM in July 2009.

David previously held senior roles in some of the world’s leading companies, including CEO of Telstra Enhanced Services, President of Telstra China and General Electric.

David is driving the transition of ViewDS from being an Asia Pacific focused business to becoming a global force in its market segment.

Chief Executive Officer and Director
Bob White managed the spin-off of ViewDS from EB2BCOM in July 2009, whilst maintaining EB2BCOM's involvement and focus as an Asia Pacific reseller.

Appointed CEO in January 2012, Bob brings more than three decades of local and international experience in the IT sector to his role, with an emphasis on sales and revenue.

Bob is responsible for the day-to-day running of ViewDS.

Chief Technology Officer
Gil Kirkpatrick joined ViewDS Identity Solutions in December 2012, in the new role of Chief Technology Officer, with the focus of developing the business’ international presence.

Gil brings more than 30 years of experience in commercial software product development and management to the company. His notable previous positions include Chief Architect at Quest Software (now Dell) and Netpro, where he established the successful TEC Conference.

He has been named Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional for Directory Services each consecutive year since 2005.

StevenLeggOriginal DR STEVEN LEGG
Chief Architect
Steven Legg has worked at ViewDS Identity Solutions since its inception, having previously worked at Adacel when the ViewDS Directory was acquired by the company.

With more than 20 years’ technical experience in software research on .x500 and LDAP, Steven was a member of the Telstra Research Laboratories where the ViewDS Directory was founded. He was instrumental in the enhancement and development of the Directory, which is now used in Defense, Government and Health.

Steven is an active member of OASIS XACML Technical Committee contributing to the technical development of XAMCL.