Access Sentinel Authorization Server

Access Sentinel is an authorization server, built on the ViewDS Directory, that allows third party applications to externalize their access control decisions. Based on XACML v3.0, it provides a policy-based access control solution that makes applications faster, easier and safer to use.

Fine-grained access control policies - based on roles or attributes - determine whether users can gain access to information, as illustrated below.


The architecture of Access Sentinel Authorization Server is unique because is it built on ViewDS Directory Server, allowing both identity and policy information to be stored in a single repository. This provides substantial on-prem identity advantages in terms of efficiency, security and scalability. Access Sentinel also provides a comprehensive policy management interface for creating and maintaining policies. Contact us to learn more about the ViewDS Access Sentinel Authorization Server and our suite of identity solutions.

For more information about the ViewDS Access Sentinel Authorization Server and our approach to on-prem identity solutions, download the following resources: